lunes, 11 de abril de 2016

The Picture of Health

healthy lifestyle may be the key to a long and fulfilling life. Let’s face it, health can affect everything, from yourcareer to your personal relationships. So how do people around the world try to maintain good health? One popular method is to eat various health foods.
For example, 35% of people eat whole wheat, which is generally well-regarded for being good for you. Across Latin America, North America, and Europewheat is the most widely consumed health food.
Another 27 percent eat yogurt and other probiotics. From what I understand, yogurt is great for your digestive system. Yogurt is the most popular health food in Asia Pacific. And in the Middle East and Africa region, fruit juices with added supplements is the most widely consumed health food.
Other popular health drinks include milk and cholesterol reducing margins. Soy milk is also popular.
It’s a good thing people are starting to eat healthy, because some 53% of people see themselves as overweight. Changes in diet are the most common way to fight weight gain, though increased exercise comes in a close second (78% to 69%). Other methods, such as taking diet pills or medicines prescribed by doctors, are far less common.
Anyways, check out the rest of this infographic by “Good” and “Column Five.” It can help you understand how you can lead a healthier lifestyle.

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